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Xabyss NetArgos® Eliminates network security blind spots

NetArgos® developed by Xabyss, the company that solves the problem of network security blind spots with the software-based high value-added network solution SDND, minimizes the damage caused by security accidents. By detecting and analyzing threats that entered through network security blind spots. This is the service that other real-time security devices cannot provide. CEO Lee Si-young established his base in Pangyo because Pangyo is the place where Xabyss can best generate the technology-oriented value. Lee said, “With Xabyss, I would like to create the innovative value of cybersecurity that other companies cannot provide in Korea and overseas.


Network and host security

The current cybersecurity system can be divided into “network and host security”. Which deals with known threats and “unknown” which is an unknown security threat. “Unknown” is an area that deals with threats in the period of zero-day attack intrusion detection. Xabyss located in Pangyo Techno Valley provides customers with a software-defined network device (SDND). A high value-added network device developed with software based on general-purpose hardware. This company has especially developed the algorithm to solve the zero-day attack intrusion and has even registered a patent. 


CHILL (CCITT High-Level Programming Language) is a high-level programming language. And it is a system description language used for exchange programs and support programs of storage program control exchanges. CEO Lee previously worked at the team in charge of developing compilers that converts CHILL to a machine language that works on the switchboards. Based on the extensive research experience, he established Xabyss in 2014 to solve the zero-day attacks that threaten all cyber securities. 

Xabyss’s NetArgos®, which is evaluated as a new technology for network security, is the first in the world to apply application-specific First-N storage technology, dramatically extending the network recording period. With this, through real-time storage of traffic and periodic and long-term regression security analysis. The network security blind spot (NSBP) such as zero-day attack intrusion is minimized. And the optimized security environment is provided by interlocking with the existing security devices. Lee said, “76% of successful malware penetrations were caused by zero-days. All cybersecurity threats always have zero-day problems, and a safe cyber environment can be guaranteed only when this is solved.” 


Detection, analysis, and feedback of security blind spots

The relationship between the real-time security devices and NetArgos is complementary rather than competitive. The current real-time security devices are faithfully blocking cyber threats according to their roles. But they still do not have the ability to correspond to new/variant network attacks. Because they are not equipped with detection nor correspondence technologies like zero-day attacks. NetArgos allows real-time security devices to have the least security blind spots. And that, by providing security devices with detection, analysis, and feedback of security blind spots that real-time security devices cannot detect.

Security in the cyber environment is not a new technology but infrastructure. He is already receiving requests to implement his solution overseas. Check Point was the first company to create the concept of firewall 40 years ago. They currently are leader in the global security market. Xabyss’s technology was verified last year by Check Point. It became the first Korean company to be registered as Check Point’s technical partner. As a result of this, domestic demand has also increased. Xabyss is currently expanding the supply of NetArgos solutions with various network partners. Such as finance, defense, and manufacturing, as well as public institutions, research institutes, and educational institutions.


Xabyss started its business at CCEI Gyeonggi in Pangyo

It plans to stay in Pangyo even after graduating from the startup fostering center. Lee said, “In Pangyo, network security companies such as Ahn Lab as well as start-up companies with various technologies are located nearby. Since the company’s themes are creating technology-oriented values and technology-based development. Pangyo is the most suitable place for companies with innovative technologies to achieve technological cooperation.


Our technology is a new innovative technology that is not even in the global market. Because overseas is highly interested in our technology, we would like to build references in Korea and form good partnerships to increase the size of the pie in the market. And then, we would like to sell it to a global company that has influential power. This is the globalization of Korean technology. As our company name Xabyss implies, we would like to enter the deep sea with a submarine and dig up the resources that other people cannot excavate.

CEO Lee Si-young
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