5 AI projects that will be the future of industry

How the virtual world is merging with the real one? We all have thought about having robots moving around us, flying cars, metallic buildings, precisely some kind of movie scene portraying an advanced future. But have you ever wondered what would happen if artificial intelligence is introduced openly into our world? 

If not, then don’t worry, this read would take you to a journey that includes all the artificial intelligence projects that will Mark the aura of our future. 

The mother of all brains – Google brain.

Apps, gadgets and the different electronics around us are all types and faces of artificial intelligence. If we take Google, for instance, it’s hard to believe that now it has a functional brand of its own. 

You can talk to it; ask anything you want from business to how is the weather outside and google would have the answer to everything. New and improved features are added to the Google brain often to make it more appealing and convenient for the users. 

It won’t be long before one-day people would be relying on speaking to Google rather than typing their queries in. 

Think you are a champion? Then are you up for alpha go? 

This might be a little tricky to believe in but did you know that Alpha go is just a computer software which is designed to beat human capabilities in any game. 

But ask yourself, it’s just a matter of the fact that these games would replace real life, which is exciting but haunting at the same time, thinking how a human designed software is capable of beating the creator’s kind. 

No hard feelings about future robots, if you ever read this, we are cool. 


Alexa is now like that one child or friend that every family in this world has, or at least they know about her. 

1 5 AI projects that will be the future of industry

You might regard Alexa as a voice assistant. Still, it’s a breakthrough in the artificial intelligence world, seeing how software can respond so accurately to the voice and fulfil all commands is exceptional and mind-blowing. 

So, Alexa if you turn into an evil robot mind one day, remember I said good things about you. 


How can we miss tesla out, it’s like the ultimate artificial intelligence vehicle? It’s crazy seeing how a car can navigate, self-drive and move. It’s a way through without any additional force, it’s unreal. 

The best part is that in every moving moment and day, the tesla software is getting improved by professionals which is interesting because it’s hard even to think about what can get better in this car. 

Flying cars – the new future 

Yes, people, this is not a movie. Corporations like uber are working on developing flying cars, and 2020 might give us something to cherish. 

These new cars would be designed like a helicopter sort of way with motors and tremendous fans, maybe some propellers, we don’t know for sure yet. 

Final verdict

We can’t deny the fact that our world is advancing with every moving minute, discoveries are made, and new technologies are introduced. 

What does 2020 hold for us? This read would tell you all about it. 


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