CES 2021 is still open! A quick word about this online season

CES2021 has closed. CES 2021 was held online for the first time in CES history. It was held from 11th to 14th. 195 companies from 150 countries have set up exhibition halls. About 700 smart industries in 37 countries have seen opportunities. CES2022 will return to Las Vegas. It will be held from January 5 to 8 next year. It is also going to be part digital.

The theme that penetrated CES 2021 is COVID-19. CES2021 itself is the final version of the non-face-to-face economic technology triggered by COVID-19.
CES 2021 is the only information and communication technology (ICT) event that has maintained the size and interest of the previous year during the pandemic.

vr ai headphones CES 2021 is still open! A quick word about this online season

This is because it decided to switch to digital since June of last year. It is based on Microsoft (MS) cloud. The press conference was broadcast live on Google’s YouTube channel. It used various ICT solutions such as videoconferencing solutions. It accepted visitors from all over the world without any problems. 

The, from House CES 2021

Countries around the world carried out restricted movement to COVID, remote classes and telecommuting, etc. I spent so much more time at home. It has become important to be more comfortable at home. Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT), which had been expected for more than a decade, have emerged. Household appliances have become part of the interior. It allowed me to choose the design I wanted, not the design that the manufacturer decided.

The center of the house is the TV. It continued to compete with ultra-high definition (8K) and sound. The key is a processor that is applied with artificial intelligence. It upscales contents to 8K regardless of quality. It analyzes the space where TV is installed and optimizes sound. TV usage time has increased. Not only is it important to watch Netflix and the number of contents provided by TV manufacturers has become important. The game compatibility competition has begun. TV also began to evolve into a home trainer.

The competition for TV technologies has drawn attention from the expansion of QD (Quantum Dot) use and the popularization of liquid crystal display mini light-emitting diode (LED) backlight unit (BLU). Top TV manufacturers have introduced QD films to improve color reproducibility of LCD TVs. It has introduced mini LED BLU to improve light and dark ratio. OLED TVs and laser TVs have continued to focus on large-scale markets. Considering supply situations of panels, mainstream of TV markets is still LCD TVs.

Digital Transition and expansion

Corona facilitated the convergence of ICT industries with other industries. Digital Transition (DX) is a matter of survival. Korea’s beauty and oil refineries such as AmorePacific and GS Caltex also sought the future at CES 2021. Cars are already part of the CES. It introduced two categories of technologies: electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars. EVs are also related to the economic revitalization and eco-friendly stance of governments.

Corona 19 has reduced its reluctance to expand robots. Play tools, IoT hubs, and cleaning are basic. It does housework, manages the kitchen, and carries out quarantine. Cost is the key. Home use (B2C) is still expensive.

The fifth generation (5G) mobile communication has cooled down. This is because countries around the world have commercialized it. Interest in mobile communication technology is usually high before starting investment. The move is aimed at persuading telecommunication businesses. The fact that the company has made investments in earnest means that it has confirmed its clientele. It is time to shift the center of gravity. There were restrictions on what could be done through 5G.

CES 2021 great organization but lack of simplicity

Meanwhile, CES 2021 also had clear limits. It was better than other events, but it also lacked concentration compared to offline events.
It was not easy to examine 2,000 exhibition halls. The companies in front of the alphabet have an advantage. To compensate for this, the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) allowed visitors to search for exhibition halls focusing on corporate names and major products. However, users can search for innovative products only when they know what they are. Although it provided a list of notable companies, its view was limited. It repeatedly exposed similar businesses.

The corporate exhibition hall was uniform. A Video, some Photos, Introduction, Inquiries, etc. It is regrettable to see changes such as companies choosing two to three types or making different page designs for each topic. The exhibition hall is open until February 15. Considering such problems, the company has provided time to see each other again slowly.


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