Top 5 inventions in 2020

This year may have not started in the best way, but this does not mean it’s all bad news. While everyone was keeping an eye out on Covid, new products came to light without getting too much attention. Here we present 5 interesting inventions in 2020.


FIXD  is a relatively new innovative gadget that will make you save a lot of cash on unnecessary car repairs. The tool enabling you to understand what’s wrong with your car and guide you through the solution. It can also help you clear up any doubt on why that mysterious “check engine” warning light has appeared once again.

All you have to do is plug it into your car’s diagnostics port and the magic is done. The little device will tell exactly what the problem is in no time. It only works on cars built since 1996 and has already sold over 50 million dollars in sales in 2018.

Top 5 inventions of 2020


If you have an old PC or laptop lying around, or your current one is getting a bit slow, why not try Xtra-PC? This tiny USB drive contains an incredibly fast operating system based on Linux that can bypass your computer’s existing sluggish one. Just insert it into a USB port, restart the computer and you are ready to go. You don’t need any other technical or specific skills to revive your old Windows ’98, okay that was a bad joke.

Top 5 inventions of 2020

Muama translation tool

This devce might be the translation assistant you have always wanted. Becoming fluent in any foreign language takes dedication and a lot of practice so anything that helps speed up the process is well accepted. This pocket-sized device lets you speak in our native language to any non-speakers anywhere in the world. The device translates vocal sentences into the chosen output language within seconds enabling fluid communication.

Top 5 inventions of 2020


If you can’t stand the sight of wires all tangled up you will like this one. TapNCharge is a lightweight and portable device that is made out of high-grade quality materials. It uses magnetic fields which are used as a channel to transport energy and recharhe elctronic devices like smartphones for example. Place it anywhere you want in your home, plonk your phone on top and the pad will do the rest.

Top 5 inventions of 2020


Tired of one of those smartwatches on the market? No worries,we have a ne-comer. XWatch is the personal 24/7 health diagnostic gadget that you’ve always needed. This new smartwatch has all the features you need in order to keep track of your life – a calendar, and the ability to read your vitals at all times. It can even perform an examination of your heart rate, so you might wanna bring it with if you are engaging in a wild jog while being out of shape.

Top 5 inventions of 2020

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