Top 5 startups in Japan

Japan has a reputaion to be a tech and innovation giant. In this case we will take a look at the most interesting startups in Japan ranging from new air vehicles for a new concept of skymobility, to AI-based app for public and private services.


The next delivery generation is coming! At Aeronext the really explore new ideas and new tehnologies. The sky for them is a rich economic zone and it offers incredible possibilities. Just as the ground, transportation, communication, and distribution are laid out like a network, these can freely come and go above our heads. With a unique center of gravity control technology Aeronext aims at reshaping the UAV field.

Top 5 startups of Japan


Who didn’t find themeselves in a beautiful city and wished they knew the language? The tech world is always making life easier. Mebuku has created Pokke, an audio travel guide and contents app. Pokke has information on 30 cities, including six  in Japan.  Offering more than 400 segments on travel sites, the app has a Japanese and English version. Each episode has a running time of around 30 minutes, and it can be downloaded beforehand so users can listen without internet connection.

Top 5 startups of Japan


Eveybody seems quite intimidated by AI nowadays. Well at least now some people might start liking it for its endeavors. Calna is an AI-based nutritional guide iOS app created by Meuron. For users looking to cook in, the app offers a considerable range of of healthy recipes that take up to a maximum of 20 minutes to make. For those planning to eat out, Calna offers suggestions for healthy options and the app can also calculate users’ projected weight loss or gain.


Folio is a robo-advisor financial tech startup focused on theme-segmented investment. From US$900 or higher, you can invest in any or several fields like drones, cybersecurity, genetic drugs, and more.
Amongst the company’s investors there are Line, Goldman Sachs, Dentsu Ventures, Mitsui, ect. Line also announced a new partnership with Folio. The Japanese chat app is expanding its platform through partnerships that include bike-sharing, delivery of foods, and fintech.

Top 5 startups of Japan


Advertisement is a big pain inn the back? You might like this one then. Early-stage startup RobotMarketer just released the beta version of its AI advertisement analytics tool,Roboma. The company wants to alleviate the pain point of having to create daily reports on the success of ads. Roboma links to advertising platforms and generates reports with metrics like cost and CPA (cost per acquisition) in digestible graphs and charts. The comoany also proposes different price plans based on the amount of advertisement accounts a client handles.

Japan and its tech innovation never fail to amaze us, we will be looking for updates about startups in Japan.

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