Top 5 websites to learn coding in 2021

We are well aware that the job market will change dramatically due to the internet. This means that people will have to adapt. This does not only imply having a digital portfolio, but possessing a whole set of skills which place people in better positions in terms of employability. Coding is definitely going to be necessary always more and especially for small tasks. That is true as big coding experts will be handling harder tasks, whereas small tasks need to be performed by other professional figures to optimize times and create work environments without unforeseen circumstances. Let’s, therefore, take a look at the best ways one can approach coding from scratch. Here are the top 5 websites for coding.


One of the most popular website to learn coding is probably CodeAcademy. This website has millions of users and offers the opportunity to start learning to code for free. Its offers include Python, JavaScript, HTML, and also Exploring Data Science. The website also offers courses for business and professionals for a price. Finally, it is “student-friendly”, as it offers discounts of up to 35% for college students who want to join the Pro courses. Other courses include cybersecurity, web design and much more.

Top 5 websites to learn coding


You need to know who created this to understand its importance, it was two “big shots”, MIT and Harvard University. EdX is definitely one ofthe best choices in terms of prestige and possibility. The wide range of course catalogue reflects the prestige of this platform, as it offers more than 3000 courses. In fact, other than coding courses, this platform also offers valid free language course for Chinese, Japanese, Italian and German. This doesn’t come as a surprise as their objective is to foster education and development of people without the barriers of location and cost. In fact, as a nonprofit EdX offer essential courses to become a computer science expert. These include Azure, Blockchain, C Programming, DevOps, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, Full Stack Development, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing.

Top 5 websites to learn coding

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware is just as good as many other website platforms but it has a peculiarity. First of all, remember that the MIT is one of the world’s most prestigious tech universities. This is why they have been providing for a few years already online courses that are directly registered by the classes offered by their academic catalogue.

Top 5 websites to learn coding

Khan Academy

This website is usewful if you are a total beginner. Khan Academy is a site that offers “lower” level courses, which are primarily aim at providing high school students with a decent digitalization and coding level. It really invests in young generations as it offers them great computer and coding courses.

Many lessons come in several languages, 50 to be precise. These languages include Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian and so on, whereas the mobile app is localized in only 20 languages.

Top 5 websites to learn coding


Its advantage is that is offers courses for multiple fields, it is, indeed, a massive open online course platform aimed at both students and professional.

With approximately 44 million users in June 2021, Udemy is the keystone that helps companies and potential employees together as its courses grant a final certification which attests your ability to work with digital skills.

Udemy also offers coding courses with a wide range of choice. The most popular would be Data Science and Machine Learning, Java, SQL, HTLM5 and CSS3, Java EE Developer, and Python 3.9. Its courses are not for free but they are very cheap and they provide you with an initial qualification to start make your way into this market.

Top 5 websites to learn coding

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